Hydraulic Design and Flow Assurance


Hydraulic Design and Flow Assurance


TEASistemi followed the development of the OLGA code since mid ’80s, when a strong cooperation was established between the University of PISA and IFE, Norway.
Since the early ’90s TEASistemi was involved in the qualification and commercial application of the OLGA code. In particular, TEASistemi developed theprocedures for Flow Assurance Studies.
Since then, TEASistemi has been involved in a wide number of flow assurance studies, under contract with major Oil/Engineering Companies.
In 2006, TEASistemi launched an internal R&D activity aimed at the development of MAST, an advanced alternative to the OLGA code. The leading scientist of the project is Prof. S. Banerjee of City College NY.

In the field of Flow Assurance more 250 studies have been performed up to date by TEASistemi in the following topics
Production System Selection/Verification
Hydrate, Wax, Scale and Corrosion issues evaluation and management

Hydraulic and Thermal design of production systems

Transient analyses and operative procedures definition

Subsea/Topside equipment functional specification design

Detailed flow assurance analyses require the integration of different tools, to a combined evaluation of:
Wells, Pipelines and Risers
Topside Process

The integration of different tools to evaluate the overall behavior of a system is mandatory to optimize equipment and operative procedures
A multiphase flow simulator for pipelines (e.g. OLGA) with a process software (e.g. HYSIS)