Hydraulic Design and Flow Assurance

TEASistemi followed the development of the OLGA code since mid ’80s, when a strong cooperation was established between the University of PISA and IFE, Norway.

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Risk analysis

TEASistemi developed a set of computational tools that can be employed for the analysis of relevant incidents occurring in the Oil & Gas Industry..

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Environmental studies

TEASistemi makes use of the most advanced tools and methods available on the market:

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CFD Simulations of complex flow systems

TEASistemi adopts CFD analysis both for equipment design (meters, separators, ejectors) and to develop models of complex phenomena (jet fire, multiphase discharge, multidimensional flow)

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Well engineering

Well engineering activities are covered by TEASistemi both in the field of downhole equipment modeling and design (ESP, gas lift systems) and also of production allocation and optimization

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