Separated (Stratified/Annular) flow Models in presence of liquid Entrainment (SESAME)


Separated (Stratified/Annular)flow Models in presence of liquid Entrainment (SESAME)


A complex, multi-probe meter has been developed in order to measure the liquid film distribution around the pipe wall at six different locations, under conditions of Stratified/Dispersed flow. The use of six of these meters after tracer injection into the wall layer allows the entrainment and the rates of droplet deposition and entrainment to be determined. The electrical design of the probes and the design of the electronic signal acquisition and processing system have been specifically developed by TEASistemi.  


To provide measurements of:
Pressure gradient
Liquid film thickness around pipe wall
Liquid film flow rate
Entrained liquid flow rate
Rates of droplets entrainment and deposition
Droplet size distribution

To develop physically based closure equations for:
Continuous liquid-wall friction factor
Gas-liquid interfacial friction factor
Liquid film hold up and wetted perimeter
Rates of droplet entrainment and deposition
Mean droplet size