RD Recent Contracts

Recent research contracts assigned to TEASistemi are:




2008- ongoing Downhole Oil-Water separation Project .
Laboratory and field tests aimed at demonstrating the DOWS system feasibility.







2003-2006 Development of variable asset multiphase ejectors. Construction and test of a variable asset multiphase ejector. Laboratory data and CFD simulations are used to improve the ejector model.







2006- ongoing Gas Liquid Inertial Separation Development of a Gas Liquid Separator for the Process Industry. Field tests.







2009 – ongoing Design of a turboexpander for the pressure energy recovery at wellhead in gas storage or gas wells.






2006-2008 ISM – Isokinetic Sampling Meter Development of a new isokinetic sampling method to perform multi-phase metering.






2007-2010 Evaluation of the impact from LNG releases.
Experimental study of the Rapid Phase Transition (RPT) phenomena occurring in a LNG tank loss of integrity accident.. Underwater LNG gas-liquid plume modeling. Surface LNG slick source term and heavy gas dispersion model selection and assessment.






2011-ongoing Control of Undersea Blow-out Events. Development of a technology for blocking well flow of a gas-liquid hydrocarbons in a blow-out event.