Multiphase Flow Meters (MPFMs)


Multiphase Flow Meters (MPFMs)


In the early ‘90s, TEASistemi developed MPFMs based on the use of a γ–source coupled with an electrical impedance meter and a Venturi meter. The first commercial MPFM built by TEASistemi was installed in Prezioso Platform (Sicily) in January 1996.

In the same years (1993-1995), TEASistemi developed a metering system based on the analysis of pressure signals. A similar method was adopted for the analysis of pressure signals relative to down-hole chokes used in smart well completions.

In the late 90’s, TEASistemi abandoned the γ–source based technology due to its low accuracy, relevant cost and the difficulties associated with the presence of a γ–source . Since then, TEASistemi developed the VEGA technology, which is based on the isokinetic sampling of the multiphase mixture. Initially, this technology has only been applied to wet gas metering (GVF>90%) A novel configuration of the meter allows VEGA to cover the full range of GVF (0-100%)