Monthly Archives: December 2014

Project FREEWAT financed under Horizon 2020 programme

The project FREEWAT – Free and open source software for water resource management, has been recently financed by the EC, under Horizon 2020 programme, call WATER-4a-2014.
The main goal is to simplify the application of the water-related EU Directives, by using FREEWAT, a free and open source GIS-integrated modelling environment for simulation of quantity/quality of surface water and groundwater. TEA Sistemi is in the Project Steering Group, along with the Coordinator Scuola S. Anna (Italy), TU Darmstat (Germany) and IDAEA-CSIC (Spain). Other 13 partners, from several Countries, take part in the project. FREEWAT project is starting in April 2015.

Project SmartWARE financed under SOUL-FI accelerator

TEA Sistemi has been selected to participate in Round A of SOUL-FI (, an accelerator for the technology platform FI-WARE (
TEA will make use of this funding opportunity for implementing the project SmartAWARE: Simulation and Mapping of Traffic air pollution to make city AWARE of mobility behaviors. This project will study the feasibility to develop a web and mobile application for estimating and forecasting the city air quality level, depending on changing traffic conditions: an adaptive simulation tool which interacts with the variety of mobility behaviors, by translating them in different pollution sources, geo-located on the city map and corresponding to different pollution peaks. The project is starting in January 2015.