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PROGEO project has been awarded to TEA SISTEMI from Tuscany Region

In late 2018 Tuscany Region has awarded the PROGEO Project to a consortium lead by TEA SISTEMI. PROGEO is a two years research project, with the aim to develop a cloud-based application for geothermal networks and plant design, monitoring and optimization.The other partners of the project are STEAM srl and GIS3W. TEA SISTEMI will develop a specialised version of his leading eadge transient multiphse code MAST for water-vapour process, with the help of STEAM regarding the simulation of special apparatus available in geothermal plants, while GIS3W will realize the IT infrastructure and GIS integration of calculation engine.

More info can be found on project website (

TEA Group is part of the FIWARE Community!

Three business ideas have received funding from FIWARE Accelerators FIWARE accelerators .
TEA SISTEMI has been awarded some fundings for the SOUL-FI Round A1 with the project SMARTWARE (Simulation and Mapping of Traffic air pollution to make city AWARE of mobility behaviors) and TEA AMBIENTE has been awarded some fundings for the SOUL-FI Round A2 with the project MACAO (MApping Comfort Availability Outdoor) SOUL-FI . TEA ENGINEERING is running the project MOVIDA – MOdelling from VIneyard to wine with open Data, which received funding from FINODEX Accelerator FINODEX accelerator .
An interactive map of SMEs within FIWARE Acceleration programmes can be found to the following link: FIWARE project interactive map

Project FREEWAT financed under Horizon 2020 programme

The project FREEWAT – Free and open source software for water resource management, has been recently financed by the EC, under Horizon 2020 programme, call WATER-4a-2014.
The main goal is to simplify the application of the water-related EU Directives, by using FREEWAT, a free and open source GIS-integrated modelling environment for simulation of quantity/quality of surface water and groundwater. TEA Sistemi is in the Project Steering Group, along with the Coordinator Scuola S. Anna (Italy), TU Darmstat (Germany) and IDAEA-CSIC (Spain). Other 13 partners, from several Countries, take part in the project. FREEWAT project is starting in April 2015.

Project SmartWARE financed under SOUL-FI accelerator

TEA Sistemi has been selected to participate in Round A of SOUL-FI (, an accelerator for the technology platform FI-WARE (
TEA will make use of this funding opportunity for implementing the project SmartAWARE: Simulation and Mapping of Traffic air pollution to make city AWARE of mobility behaviors. This project will study the feasibility to develop a web and mobile application for estimating and forecasting the city air quality level, depending on changing traffic conditions: an adaptive simulation tool which interacts with the variety of mobility behaviors, by translating them in different pollution sources, geo-located on the city map and corresponding to different pollution peaks. The project is starting in January 2015.

TEA Sistemi winner of the ‘EU SME Instrument’ programme grant – Press release -

Pisa, 18 September 2014
TEA Sistemi, always active in technological innovation in the field of energy and environment, has been recently granted an award within the H2020 SME Instrument Phase I thanks to the project entitled: A Thermal-Visual Integrated System Mounted on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for 3D Energy Performance Mapping and Damage Evaluation (TherVIS).
TherVIS project has been funded among the very best projects in the Horizon 2020 Work Programme on ‘Innovation in SMEs’. Among 20 Italian SMEs’ (of a total of 155 European SMEs’), TEA Sistemi is the only Tuscan company that will receive the European funding.
Under the coordination of the project manager Federica Pratola, a thorough techno-economical assessment of the innovative integrated technology suitable for: i) mapping building energy performance within large extended areas and ii) automatically detecting structural health of civilian infrastructures, will be performed.

For further details, visit the following links:
EU SME Instrument: first 155 winners of grants announced

SME instrument statistics for the first cut-off date of phase 1 released

Ue: fondi a 20 Pmi italiane per un totale 1 mln di euro

For enquiries, please contact:

ABB and TEA Sistemi launch VIS

TEA Sistemi announces that the new generation of VEGA, a multiphase production meter, will be marketed worldwide by ABB, the leading power and automation technology group. The trade name of the new meter will be VIS (VEGA Isokinetic Sampling).

For further details, visit the following pages:


ABB’s new radioactive-free multiphase flowmeter – Measurement made easy

Multiphase flowmeter VIS (Vega Isokinetic Sampling)

Isokinetic Sampling Meter (ISM) successful delivered to Navalmare

The metering system based on multi-stream ISM technology, for the allocation of well production within the Litchndjili platform (Republic of Congo), has just been delivered to Navalmare. The system includes 6 VEGA sampling sections, 6 NAG (Non-Associated Gas) meter and a liquid meter connected to the sampling manifold.
The system is able to quantify the liquid within the multiphase stream, while the flow computer supplies the correct gas production allocation of each well.
Startup is expected to be in late 2014.

TEASistemi headquarters: availability of new spaces

Located in the surroundings of old Pisa town center, with more than 1000 square meter of
extension distributed into the last two floors of a recently ultimate building, the new facility offers
an ideal working environment. Bright and large spaces, high-tech furniture, amazing view over the
Pisa tower. Come and visit our new facility.